So this morning, whilst I was rummaging through my wardrobe deciding what to wear, I stumbled across this black tutu from Topshop which I had bought probably 10 years ago. I put it on out of curiosity to see how it looked. I was already wearing leopard print leggings, a red stripe top and a denim shirt with my white zip DMs and the addition of the tutu, to me, just finished it off.

It made me smile and feel giddy but it also made me think I can’t wear this on the school run… but why? Why do we do this? Why do we think that certain items of clothing are only suitable for certain occasions. Why was I thinking I couldn’t wear it on the school run. Are there rules about what you can wear on the school run? Well no, not in my world…. so why was I letting myself consider not wearing it?

To me we are just walking Barbie dolls playing dress up and when I was a little girl dressing up Barbie, she had no rules! I used to love dressing my Barbie dolls up, swapping their dress and shoes around. Now I’m an adult I am my own Barbie doll!

When I wake up in a morning, I have a picture in my head of the look I want to create or an item of clothing I want to wear and then I try to put it together. I love the challenge of styling a look and the feeling you have when you have nailed it.

Now an outfit you have nailed may not be an outfit someone would else would like. But I think if you feel good in it it shows. You could be wearing something that is the latest trend but if you don’t feel comfortable and happy in it then it will end up looking shite. To me the key to looking good comes from how you feel. I wear some items which I know people don’t like but because I walk around happy and confident in them I can get away with it…I think! Ha!

Clothing is a great way of expressing your mood, your personality and to make yourself feel happy. So you know what, I kept the tutu on and decided to own the look. I happily mooched in to school with my tutu swishing and my head held high. So girls wear what makes you happy. If a simple t-shirt and jeans it what you want to wear that’s great, if you want to wear a tutu then that’s great too.

I’ll tell what you though, when my Mum came over after the school run the first thing she said was “I’ve got to say, I’m not keen on the skirt!” I giggled and said “that’s ok Mum, I like it!” She smiled and said “yes that’s the main thing”…….Exactly!! Xx