When the lovely Karen at Balance Holistic kindly invited me in to experience the different facials she offers, I jumped at the opportunity. I mean who doesn’t love a facial?

Barefaced and ready to be pampered, I headed to Heal Wellness and Spa from where Karen runs her practice. It is situated in Montpellier Gardens in Harrogate and I was excited to see what it was like as I had never been before. Well, I was not disappointed.  As I entered the front door I noticed the funky floor tiles. I know, you are thinking floor tiles, what the….but heyI’m an insta girl, those tiles are fab for a shoefie! Also we are going to be having an extension built so I’m looking for interior design ideas.

After noting the fab tiles, I headed up the stairs and was greeted with an instant atmosphere of relaxation. The fab blend of quirky and relaxed decor gave, for me, the perfect vibe. I was greeted with a smile and instantly offered a drink. I opted for a coffee, my main diet staple since being a Mum, and even that was funky. Presented in a quirky glass on a chunky wooden board with a lovely biscottie biscuit. Perfect, just what I needed.


Karen greeted me with a welcoming smile and lead me in to the treatment room. There I had to fill in the usual health checklist. I obviously answered this honestly, even when it came to the question on what do you drink in a day. My answer of coffee and Coke Zero is rather embarrassing but honest (note to self ‘must drink more water!’)

After I handed back the questionnaire of doom, Karen proceeded to explain what she was going to do. She was going to start with warm towels and give me a classic facial to start and would then give me a mix of Facial Reflexology and a Zone Face Lift.

The Facial Reflexology treatment is aimed to help reduce stress for health and wellbeing. It can help reduce symptoms of common ailments including migraines, sinus problems and insomnia just to name a few. A bonus side effect of having reflexology on the face is that it leaves you with a healthy glow on the outside. This helps you to look healthy and younger: winner winner to me!

I had mentioned to Karen that the bottom of my back had been hurting over the last couple of days so she said she would try help with the reflexology. She certainly did helpAfter the treatment, as soon as I got off the bed, my back was no longer hurting. Amazing!

After the Facial Reflexology she then did the Zone Face Lift. This treatment has been hailed by many as a credible alternative to Botox! It combines traditional reflexology methods with ancient healing techniques. Sounds lush to me! It’s a 12 week programme, so you go in for a treatment each week for 12 weeks and by the end you can look younger with smoother skin. If 12 weeks is too much then you can do a 6 week programme, or indeed individual sessions if you fancy. Some of the benefits of the Zone Face Lift are: 

Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from inside
Tightens naturally, stimulates collagen and elastin from the inside
Smooths and lifts the face
Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
Reduces lines and wrinkles

There are more benefits which you can read about on Karen’s website http://www.balanceholistic.co.uk/zone-face-lift-facial-reflexology/.

I don’t know about you but all those things sound great to me. The Zone Face Lift was my favourite. She used this gorgeous facial elixir all over my face which smelt divine and left my skin feeling so soft afterwards. I love crystals and use them in my daily life so the fact this treatment involved crystals was right up my street. The combination of the warmth from Karen’s hands massaging my face followed by the cold sensation of the crystals on my face was so lovely.

Although this treatment will help you to look younger the main aim is to help you to age well. I think these days we are too busy taking care of other people that we forget to look after ourselves. We don’t want to get older and think to ourselves I wish I did that. (That can apply to anything). But I think we should take better care of ourselves so why not book yourself in for a facial, a pamper whatever takes your fancy!

After the treatment I felt so relaxed and to be honest I didn’t want to get up! Afterwards Karen took the time to explain again what she did and even gave me some exercises to do at home for my forehead. I frown a lot, without me even realising, so I do worry about lines on my forehead. Hopefully Karen’s exercises will help.

It was so kind of Karen to gift me these treatments and I truly and honestly really enjoyed them and highly recommend you visiting her. For more information on what treatments Karen offers and the prices etc. please visit her website:-


You can also look at her Facebook page Balance Holistic and her Instagram page @balanceholistic

If you fancy taking a look at where Karen practises, here is the link to the website:-


**Please note that although these treatments were gifted this is my honest review**