If you read my last blog post, you will know that I was on the search for another ‘Mum bag’, this time in the form of a rucksack.

Out of the options I found I decided to go with the Cath Kidston one.

Cath Kidston £55

The reason I picked this one was because I loved the colour; the navy blue with the pink metallic spots was fun but also quite neutral I thought. The straps were wide and looked comfortable and I liked the fact it had side pockets. This would make it much easier to carry two drink bottles for the kids and have them easily accessible.

I ordered it from www.daisypark.co.uk as that was the cheapest place I found online. The bag was £55 from Cath Kidston online, whereas at Daisy Park it was £40 with free delivery…bargain!

The bag arrived beautifully packaged and with a lovely little note.

I opened the package with hope and slight trepidation, like you do with any parcel. You know what I mean: the excitement of receiving what you have ordered coupled with the slight worry of ‘what if I don’t like it?’. Well, I can happily say, as I tore back the blue tissue paper it was so carefully snuggled in, I was delighted with what I saw. That was the first tick off the ‘Mum bag’ checklist!

I couldn’t wait to start using it and I had the perfect chance to test it out properly with a trip to the Lake District.

The morning arrived for our trip away and it was time to cut the tags off my new bag and start packing it. In the style of the Generation game, (imagine these items on a conveyer belt, minus the cuddly toy or T.V.) The following items were packed:-

Tablet – both of these were placed in the specially designed padded laptop pocket
Change of clothes for Dexter
Change of clothes for Saffie
Colouring book & pens
Two drinks bottles
Multiple mini packets of Haribo (I always like to carry a bribe)
Polo mints
Face powder
iPhone charger

I think that was it (in true generation style, you never remember it all!) I was pretty chuffed to find that I had managed to fit it all in, and still be able to pick the bag up and place it on my back. Pretty good start I thought.

When we arrived we went for a walk, as you do in the Lakes, and the rucksack definitely proved handy. The side pockets were great for the kid’s drinks. As predicted, not long in to the walk the cry of ‘Mum I need a drink’ was heard and I simply dipped down for their little hands to grab the bottles themselves. Perfect! Saves me having to take the bag off my back, unzip, rummage, pull out the drinks, whilst ruining the order of the other items inside, and then place the bottles back inside whilst trying to fit everything back in like a careful game of Tetris.


As the weather was luckily so gorgeous, blue sky and sunshine, my son got hot and wanted his coat off. Thanks to the bag having a flap over the top I was able to secure the jacket under the flap. This also proved handy on another day, when we went to throw stones down by the lake and we took a towel down with us.

My husband even carried the bag at one point. I guess it helped that it wasn’t some pink garish thing that he probably would have expected me to pick, thanks to the navy blue and subtle pink spot he wasn’t losing too much street cred. Not that he has any to lose, ha! So it passed the husband test, too.




I have had this bag for nearly a month now and I can honestly say I love it! It is so handy and I haven’t thought of one thing I would change. It has all the helpful pockets I could ask for. The straps are comfy and I feel it marries both practicality and style together perfectly.

So in answer to my own question, yes, I did pick the right bag after all xx