Now that Dexter is at School and Saffie has turned 3, I thought the need for a big bag was over. I mean, I don’t need to carry around 10 nappies and 3 outfits in case of a poo explosion. Or make sure I have enough bottles of milk, dummies, snacks, muslins and everything else you need to survive a day, or even an hour out with a baby. Therefore, I thought I could get away with a stylish little number that being my Dune leather rucksack….. I was wrong.

Well I say I am wrong, I can get away with it for just nipping to the shops, but as we get the very faint whiff of Spring and, in turn, Summer, I am planning on days out with the kids and this is where the problem lies. My stylish little Dune rucksack is not big enough nor comfy enough, and of course it isn’t.  It isn’t built with the mindset of being jammed full of a change of clothes in case my newly potty trained daughter has an accident.  Nor is it designed to carry baby wipes which, quite honestly, I shall always have a need for, nor carry two heavy bottles of water (who am I kidding? I mean juice!) and that’s just to name a few of the many things I try to cram in. If I could take the kitchen sink I probably would!! The thin leather straps end up digging in to my shoulders and the bag soon loses its shape as the contents are fighting for room inside and pushing against the carefully sewn seams, trying to escape.

So I am now recruiting for a new bag to assist me in these summer months and here is the job description:-

1. Stylish but practical
2. Plenty of pockets
3. Comfortable straps, i.e. wide!
4. Be able to contain the following:-
– Change of clothes
– Wipes
– Snacks
– Two drinks bottles
– The Barbie dolls (yes plural) that my daughter insists on taking with us but inevitably wants me to carry as soon as we reach our destination.
– The car or dinosaur or animal that, again, my son insists on.  You know the story.
– My purse, lippy, face powder, sunglasses and keys.

I want all this but to not look like I am about to go on a major yomp, like a Marine, with a 40lb rucksack on my back!

With this in mind, I have been trawling the internet and here are some of the.  options I have come across. Click on the photo to shop!

Cath Kidston Paper Rose Duffle Backpack £55 down to £35


Cath Kidston Button Spot Buckle Backpack £40


Island Bunch Aster Backpack £55

Vans Realm Backpack Black/Camo £34.99


Hype Backpack Rucksack Bag – Pink White Speckle Bags £24.99

Long champ – Le Pliage backpack £65


Mi-Pac x Crayola Leopard Backpack – Pink/Aqua £19.99


If you have any recommendations I would love to hear from you! Xx