The other day I went shopping to Harrogate with my parents. I visited one of my usual shops, Primark and, as always, had a successful shopping time.

On the way back to the car we stopped in at TK Maxx to have a cheeky look. To be honest, I couldn’t really be arsed to look through the rails so I headed to the shoe section instead. I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t long before my eyes fell upon some white jewelled trainers, I am like a magpie when it comes to bling and glitter, and quickly grabbed them off the shelves to try on. Like a Cinderella moment (minus the Prince, wicked Step Mother and Ugly Sisters), they fitted perfectly. It was love at first sight. Pretty similar to Cinderella! I had already clocked that they were from Dune but what was even better was that they were reduced. They were originally £85 down to £21: bargain! Into the basket that I had already picked up on route, (presumptuous, I know!), they went.

Walking further down the shoe aisle I then spotted the same pair of trainers but in black and reduced even further to £14!! I know!! So I obviously tried them on straight away, too. I stood in front of the mirror, with one of each on each foot, trying to decide which I preferred more. I had every intention of only buying the one pair, however I simply couldn’t decide which ones. I asked my Mum’s opinion, obviously, and to my delight she said ‘I think you need both!’. Sold! Now the white pair had a friend to keep them company in the basket!

I didn’t stop there… I then spotted another pair of black trainers with jewels on the toe. I should point out the other two pairs, although I think you can call them trainers, are really more like pumps. This new pair were definitely more like trainers although, let’s be honest, not in the truest form. I sure won’t be running anywhere in these bad boys… or in any others to be fair. I don’t do running!





I swear that sometimes I’m a magnet for bargains. As I peered into the shoe to see the price, I spotted a red sticker (always a good sign) with the lovely little price of £4 printed on it. £4!! Originally priced at £51. I’ll be having them, thank you! They fitted like a glove and certainly wanted to come home with me.

As you can imagine, I was feeling pretty happy with my bargain finds and was ready to go and pay at the till, until that is, I spotted some trainers with my name on (not literally). They were Puma high top style ones, which I think are probably marmite, love them or hate them, but to me they were lush. Now these were pricier, £34.99, I know for trainers that is a good price, but when you have just been spoilt with those kind of cheap prices immediately beforehand, you become a bit stingy.

I tried them on, hoping in a way, that I wouldn’t like them. ‘Cos if I did it meant I would have 4 pairs of new shoes to sneak in to the house, and in to my already bursting wardrobe, without the husband noticing…

Unfortunately (I don’t mean that) I loved them. I loved how they looked, how they fitted and that they were different. Plus I definitely didn’t have another pair like them. I find men always seem to say ‘but don’t you already have a pair like them?’ Yes, we might, but there will always be a slight variation. Just like exes, they can be similar but with slight variations. These are improvements and, unless you want to join that list of exes, I’d suggest you zip it! (That was my practice speech in case I needed it as an argument!)

Now, there was practically a party happening in my basket with all those shoes. I decided it was time the party finished and I rushed to the tills to pay before anything else caught my eye.

So safe to say I had a very successful and happy shopping trip the other day. It was made even better with a Wagamamas lunch and a cheeky gin.

Guys get yourselves down to T K Maxx, there are so many bargains to be had! Xx