Hi, I’m Sophie. You might wonder how I came to creating my instagram page and subsequently this blog. You may also not… but hey you clicked on the ‘Me’ tab so I am going to tell you.

When I was around 15 years old I started experimenting with my style. For example, I would often wear a black suspender belt over jeans, a red Ann Summers corset over shirts or vest tops with ties…. not at the same time I will point out.

I also experimented with customising pieces of clothing. I bought a denim skirt, got my then boyfriend to put a cheeky handprint on the bum in paint, cut up one of my mums underskirts and stictched it on to the skirt and added badges. VOILA! I still have this skirt although I haven’t even bothered trying it on. I doubt my 30 year old ass will fit in it now.

As you can tell I simply wore what I liked and to me there were no rules. I started trying to document my outfits by drawing them in a notepad for future reference when I coudn’t think what to wear. Unfortunately that didn’t last long as I was crap at drawing!!

My style soon changed and ‘calmed down’ and I wasn’t testing the ‘Fashion boundaries’ as much as I used to. Then, when I was on maternity leave with Saffie in 2015, I came across the fabulous Zoe De Pass aka Dress Like a Mum on Instagram and she inspired my passion for experimenting with my outfits again. I loved her funky style, bright colours, fun poses and the fact she tagged where all her outfits were from – I might have loved it but my bank account didn’t!

Fast forward to September 2017 and I suddenly find myself, in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, creating Champagne Fashion on a Beer Budget. This became my modern day diary of my outfits…saves me getting out the colouring pens again, and the name was inspired by my Dad. He has always said I have champagne tastes on a beer income!!

I have loved finding my passion again for styling outfits and having fun with what I wear. You really can look fabulous on any budget and wearing what makes you smile is key. Instagram is full of wonderful style inspirations and I am honoured to be a part of the insta-family! Xx